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The exam proctoring process is managed through Examity® for all online courses delivered through World Campus. Examity® is Examity Logoa company that specializes in proctoring exams for many institutions of higher education. (For all University Park web-based course sections that have proctored exams, the management of the proctoring of exams is the responsibility of the instructor.). Here is information about the proctoring process with Examity® as it is shared with students: O.3 What is a Proctored Exam?

Before the Semester Section

Prior to the semester the department faculty will determine a range of dates or 'window' for when proctored exams will take place.  In addition, department faculty will establish rules for taking the exam. The rules for taking the exam include the time limit for the exam and what materials students may or may not be able to access during the exam. This also may include what software is required.

Before the semester begins there are several steps that must happen in order to 'link' up Examity with the course section.

Our main goal is to have the exams ready for students to schedule in the second week of the course. That does not mean the questions have to be populated or updated at this point...just the settings.

Populate the course

In Canvas, populate the new section by importing from a previous semester or a master course.

Start the sync

  1. Add the Examity dashboard link to your Canvas navigation. (Settings > Navigation > (Enable Examity))
  2. Click on the Examity link in your course navigation. 
  3. Complete and submit the form for World Campus. This will be approved.

Canvas Prep

  1. Double check that the Examity page is in your 'getting started' module.
  2. Set up your proctored exams in the Canvas space. The settings should match those that were confirmed before the semester. (The proctored exams do not have to have the current questions for the new semester...they can be added or updated later)
Note: The sync between Canvas and Examity will happen nightly unless we have the sync turned off or someone edits exam settings in Examity.

Examity Exam Settings

Create your settings in both Canvas and Examity.

  • Hover over the '+' signs to see the corresponding setting in Canvas.
  • Click on the '+' signs to see more information regarding that setting.

Exam Rules

Along with the basic settings you will also want to verify the exam rules in Examity match what you have communicated to students.

Hover your mouse over the images below to see the direction for that particular slide. Use the arrows to move to the next step.

The following statement should be included in your syllabus. This statement was provided by the university's legal counsel and is required to be included in the syllabus. The statement also appears in the course information on the World Campus course catalog for courses offered through the World Campus.

"This course may require you to take exams using certain proctoring software that uses your computer’s webcam or other technology to monitor and/or record your activity during exams. The proctoring software may be listening to you, monitoring your computer screen, viewing you and your surroundings, recording and storing any and all activity (including visual and audio recordings) during the proctoring process. By enrolling in this course, you consent to the use of the proctoring software selected by your instructor, including but not limited to any audio and/or visual monitoring which may be recorded. Please contact your instructor with any questions."

Also Add to your Syllabus

"In this class you will take your tests remotely and they will be proctored by a service called Examity®. A Student Quick-Guide will be provided on how to use Examity®. Please log in as soon as possible to set up your profile. You will not be able to schedule exams until your profile is complete. Examity® system requirements are:

  • Desktop computer or laptop (tablets, Chromebook and cell phones do not meet our requirements)
  • Webcam and microphone (built-in or external).
  • Connection to network with sufficient internet speed: at least 2 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload.
  • Operating systems: Windows XP–Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)–10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Browser with pop-up blocker disabled: Google Chrome v39 or later, Mozilla Firefox v34 or later, Internet Explorer v8 or later, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari v6 or later.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Examity’s technical support team 24/7 via email at or phone at (855) 392-6489.”

Use this Examity System Check to determine if your computer is ready:

Examity Computer Readiness Check

Check or create exam shells for each of the exams in your course that will be proctored. Confirm that the exam dates, rules and other details are in place for your exams.


When all of the exams are set up in both Canvas and Examity the settings should match between Canvas, the the Exam spreadsheet and the Examity dashboard.

examity settings

Examity Dashboard:

examity dashboard

During the Semester Section

In your opening announcements you could include the following.

"In this class you will take your tests remotely and they will be proctored by a service called Examity®. Review the Student Quick-Guide, which is available in the modules tab, for instructions on how to use Examity®.
Please log in as soon as possible to set up your profile. You will not be able to schedule exams until your profile is complete."

We highly encourage students who have not taken an exam with Examity to schedule and take the practice exam. The practice exams are available up until the first exam date.

Information Regarding the Photo ID Requirement

You can share the following with your students.

"You will need to upload a picture of your photo ID to Examity. If you have a Penn State ID card with your photo printed on it, you can use that. This announcement is specifically for the World Campus students who do not currently have a Penn State ID with photo:

Our exam proctor, Examity, requires photo ID. The requirements are that your photo and name are visible. You may use a drivers license, state ID, or passport. Some students are hesitant to post these documents. One compromise is to cover up the other information on the ID. Some students will tape a piece of paper over their address, birth date, and other information. Another compromise is to get a Penn State ID with photo.

Here is the information from the id+ Office about how World Campus students can obtain an ID card with their photo on it.

To get a photo ID, WC students can visit any Penn State campus to exchange a non-photo ID card for an actual photo ID. (ID Card Locations for Penn State Students) If a WC student visits one of these offices to receive a photo id+ card, they should do so after receiving a non-photo ID and exchange the non-photo ID to avoid a replacement fee. If you visit before the WC card is sent out, you may proceed with another photo ID and pay a replacement fee. Additional photo ID such as a driver’s license, military ID or passport will be needed at the time of visit.


The only requirement for instructors is to be sure that the exam title in Canvas has '(Proctored)' in the title. Create the exams in Canvas. Canvas Quizzes allow the the inclusion of a timer. Exams must be ready for students to access before the exam date window begins. Be sure that the exam is locked using a password (Canvas calls these access codes). The password in Canvas must match the password in Examity.

You can verify that students have scheduled by going to your Examity dashboard (link in your Canvas space) and going to Reports > Schedule Status. Signing up late (< 24 hours) could result in a $3.00 late fee for the student or they may not be able to secure a time that works best for them.

Students will navigate to the Examity Dashboard and schedule a time to take the exam. This is very much like booking a hotel. The student's scheduling window looks like this:

Examity window for student scheduling

And, not to worry, the Examity scheduling interface takes into account how long the exam is and places a buffer within the scheduling interface so that student can not schedule a 2 hour exam with only 1 hour left in the exam window.  Here is an example of how that buffer is put into place so that the student has enough time to authenticate and take the exam before the Canvas timer runs out at midnight. In the example below, the latest time that a student can schedule a 2 hour exam is 9:30 pm:

Examity Exam window

Send Reminder Email 

You can email scheduling reminders through Examity. The email will be sent to the student's PSU email.

  1. Choose the 'Reports' tab on your dashboard.
  2. Next, choose 'Schedule Status Report.'
  3. Select your course.
  4. Choose the hyperlink under 'Unscheduled.'
  5. Select 'All' or select the students you wish to email.
  6. Choose 'Send Reminder Email.'

Students take the exam in the presence of a professional Examity® proctor. The student logs into Canvas, navigates to the Examity® Dashboard, goes through the identification process, agrees to any exam rules and then the proctor types in the exam password for the student. The proctor monitors the exam environment to ensure that the student adheres to the exam rules.

Once the students have completed the exams you can now grade it within Canvas just like any other quiz or exam. Videos of exams that are green or yellow flagged are kept for 30 days. Exams that are red flagged are kept for 1 year. After these time periods they are archived per FERPA guidelines. You will get an email from Examity for any red flags.

Special Considerations Section

Typically instructors set up special accommodations within the exam settings in Canvas. In addition, the Examity® proctor also needs to be made aware of students with any special instructions. Instructors must login to the Examity® dashboard and complete the following steps:

  1. Indicate in the exam shell that there are students that require extended time or special accommodations.
  2. Under the Students tab in the dashboard, indicate the details regarding the extended time or other special instructions.

Direction for Extended Time on an Exam

What to do for Examity….

  1. Indicate in the exam shell that there are students that require extended time or special accommodations. (Courses/Exams > edit exam > select Yes for Any need for extended time and/or special accommodations?)
  2. Under the Students tab in the Examity dashboard search for the student. You must use the ‘search’ feature to find the student or you will not see the pencil icon to edit. Add the details regarding the extended time or other special instructions to the ‘edit student’ window that appears after selecting the pencil.

What to do for Canvas…

Extend the time for the student in the Canvas exam by using the ‘moderate this quiz’ feature. For details on how to do this view the Canvas guide: ‘Once I publish a timed quiz, how can I give my students extra time?

What to do for Examity…

Students that need to take the exam early or late (outside of the normal exam window) should contact you with their request. If you approve, then send an email request to and copy our Account Manager, Nina O’Brien at Examity® (

Include the following information in your email:

  • Subject Line: Penn State – Permission Granted – To Schedule Outside Testing Window
  • Course Name, Section and ID (7 digit # in course URL)
  • Exam Name
  • Student First/Last Name Extension Granted
  • New dates and times for rescheduling

What to tell the student...

Once the email has been sent – please ask the student to call the Examity support desk at 855-392-6489, option 1 and a support agent will be able to schedule the student. Neither Examity® nor World Campus will give out the unlock codes to a student.

What to do for Canvas…

Add a due date extension to the exam for that particular student. Also, do not forget to adjust the availability dates! The Examity proctors cannot change this. On more than one occasion our students have signed up for an exam outside of the testing window but then had to cancel since the exam was not open in Canvas. View the Canvas guide on how to set a due for just one student.

The following could be shared with students. This information is also contained with the Examity student guide.

Students are strongly encouraged to login and be present for any exams that they schedule with an Examity proctor. Not showing up for a scheduled exam wastes proctoring time and results in a 'no-show' charge to the department. If you can not attend at your scheduled time, students are asked to use the Examity Dashboard to cancel and reschedule the exam at no cost. Scheduling exams less than 24 hours in advance will result in an exam fee billed to the student. Plan ahead. Schedule ahead. Give yourself plenty of time to study.

Some exams require students to upload a document into Canvas. Occasionally students will have problems with this upload. As an additional integrity precaution, sometimes the Examity proctor may ask the student to upload the file directly to Examity. In these cases instructors will find a link to this file on the Exam Status page for that student's exam.

All questions from students related to proctoring the exam, or technical problems with Examity® are to be addressed by Examity® Support. They are available 24/7. Their chat and other contact information can be found in the Examity® dashboard. Any problems related to Canvas or their computer can be directed to World Campus Technical Support.

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