Managing the Online Course

Expectations for Online Instructors Section

  • Be responsive, reliable and helpful week in and week out.
  • Respond to queries as soon as possible never leaving the students waiting for a reply.
  • Share explanations that are clear and encouraging.
  • Break down complex material into plain English.
  • Use a blend of videos and animations where needed.
  • Grade homework, quizzes and exams predictably and post results promptly.

Weekly Routines Section

The guide below is an adaptation of the guide maintained by the John A. Dutton e-Education Institute. Please see their Managing Your Online Class page for additional suggestions and tips.


  • Interact in course discussion forums
  • Respond to course email
  • Grade assignments


  • Introduce topics and post weekly announcements
  • Summarize the topics presented that week and the discussion forum conversations in the announcements
  • Update course schedule
  • Hold 'office hours' (find a way to connect effectively with students that have questions)

Checklist Section

You can view the checklist below or download the document: 

Managing Your Course Checklist