Online Teaching Resources

There are a number of resources that instructors can connect with to get a sense of what teaching online is like or to reflect upon the skills they already bring to the online learning environment.

  • Web Learning@Penn State

    The official Web presence of the Penn State Online community.  Find out about what online learning options Penn State offers, how online learning at Penn State is governed, resources for faculty development, and what the e-Learning Cooperative is all about.

  • World Campus Online Faculty Development

    Outreach at Penn State offers a number of free short courses that focus on Teaching and Learning online. Among the short courses offered at the link above are:

    OL 1000: Overview of Teaching and Learning Online
    OL 1200: Welcome to the World Campus
    OL 2000: Effective Online Teaching
    OL 2600: Course Authoring Accessibility Basics
    OL 3000: Supporting Accessibility for Online Learners

    You need to register to take these courses. Use the link above for information about when they are being offered.

    As always, if you have any questions about any of these resources, or would like to suggest additional resources to list here, please contact John Haubrick.